Using RSS feeds

You’ll notice that there are a couple of RSS feeds grouped together on the right hand side of the page. If you are unfamiliar with how RSS works, here is a quick outline.

An RSS ‘feed’ is basically a summary of the new additions to a website. This summary can be accessed when you subscribe to it using an RSS reader. My preferred readers are FeedDemon on Windows and NetNewsWire on Mac OS X, both of which are free, but most popular web browsers like Safari and Firefox can read RSS feeds. The majority of regularly updated web sites incorporate RSS feeds now; just look for the logo:

Why is this cool? Well, if you have a couple of different websites that you like to read on a regular basis, you can use the sites’ RSS feeds to keep an eye on changes and decide whether or not to pursue the full article. It means you don’t have to surf to each and every page to find out if something has been added. And it saves you time.

And we could all do with more time.


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