Study hard, live longer

Well perhaps not. But a large study from Harvard, published in the journal Health Affairs this month, demonstrates that life expectancy is higher for the well-educated.

For instance, people who are “better educated at age 25 could expect to live to age 82; for less educated, 75.” (as reported here).

The authors of the study are unable to say exactly why that is the case other than rates of smoking (higher amongst poorly educated) – there are many possible contributors to longevity – but they are concerned that while life expectancy across the population is rising, the less well educated are not experiencing increases at the same rate as those with more than 12 years of education.

And you can read much into this – my personal take is simple: education is not something we do to mark time until we reach physical adn emotional maturity to enter the work force full-time. Rather, it is an essential component of preparing for a full and fulfilling life.


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