Stealthy cars a concern on our roads?

Prices for oil and petroleum products are skyrocketing and suddenly everyone is talking about issues we should have begun to address years ago…  Anyhoo, options currently gaining attention and popularity are petrol-electric hybrids like the Toyota Prius or hydrogen-powered vehicles.

And amongst the positives, scientists are discovering unpredicted difficulties. It seems that these cars are – due to their stealthy, quieter operation – more dangerous to pedestrians and other road users who are accustomed to the audible warning of approaching petrol-driven vehicles.

So dangerous in fact, that it has been suggested (video at target page) that vehicles of this kind should be fitted with noise generators to increase their aural presence in the environment.

If this becomes a ‘built-to-order’ option in future cars, I’m putting my hand up for the ‘helicopter rotors with accompanying Ride of the Valkyries’ package.


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