Crunch time

Everyone has heard about T. rex, but have you heard of Carcharodon megalodon?

C. megalodon is an ancient shark, now extinct, which is believed to resemble or even be the ancestor of the modern Great White Shark (C. carcharius). Unfortunately, like all sharks the meg has a skeleton made of cartilage which doesn’t fossilize, so most of the evidence we have comes from the teeth of these animals.

Now scientists have determined, using computer modeling, the maximum bite force these sharks were capable of producing and the conclusions are astounding. While humans can manage about 80kg of pressure, lions 560kg and the fearsome T. Rex 3.1 tonnes, C. megalodon could produce up to 18 tonnes of pressure at the edges of its serrated teeth.

That is one scary animal right there…

More about this study can be found here.


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