Nom nom nom on Fido to save the planet

Seems that some NZ environmentalists have taken it upon themselves to show pet-lovers the true error of their ways in their new book Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living.


Brenda and Robert Vale of Victoria University, Wellington, calculated the ecological footprint of common household animal companions to draw some alarming conclusions. For instance, a large dog consumes an equivalent amount of energy to driving a large family car or SUV 10,000km every year. They suggest instead keeping rabbits and chickens that have a more traditional end as a hearty repast upon their expiration.

Of course, this has upset a few cardigan-wearing, non-poo-pick-upping dog-owners who can’t abide the idea of nomming on their fur-kids… Oh well. Their loss – I mean, I’d be happy to try a green curry with dog. It’s all just meat, right?

Dominion Post, NZ, via Slashdot


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