Ibuprofen may reduce the risk of Parkinson disease

There are indications, from this research, that ibuprofen reduces the risk of a person developing Parkinson by almost 40%. It is a very large study spread over 6 years, so the results at face-value are worthy of being taken seriously.

I know someone whose regular cure for a headache is to wash down a couple of Nurofen tablets with a tall, strong latte (2 sugars, please) so this news’ll be unlikely to dissuade her from that habit!


Kissing as an allergy treatment

Hay-fever sufferers, rejoice! Here’s a treatment for what ails you that is arguably much better than any anti-histamine tablet.

Research from Japan indicates that kissing acts to reduce levels of an immunoglobulin responsible for allergy symptoms, easing those symptoms in the test subjects who presented with eczema and hay-fever.

The advantage of still being able to operate heavy machinery is a bonus.