Greetings, and thanks for taking the time to read these pages.

This blog is the result of a couple of conversations I’ve had with friends and other science teachers who all feel that the rate of scientific advance is outpacing our ability to teach it effectively.

In the face of this phenomenon traditional classroom emphasis on knowledge ‘dissemination’ – through printed texts and annually-repeated coursework – is completely inappropriate; instead, we need to be imparting a desire to question and search so that students can determine their own needs and interests, and be equipped to explore them productively. Hopefully, this blog will make a small contribution to motivating my students to read widely and discuss breaking scientific and technology news.

Drawing from a range of web sources, I’ll provide regular links to stories across scientific disciplines, combined with some amazing new advances in the consumer and military technology markets.

Many of the links I provide will open doors to areas of knowledge and expertise hitherto inaccessible to young people.

I look forward to this changing in the very near future.

Best regards

Jon Wever

2 Comments on “Hello”

  1. Mr. Barlow says:

    Great blog Mr. Wever. I liked it so much I added your RSS feed to my own site. Just like you have an RSS feed on your site linked back to my weblog. I totally agree with what you wrote about the rate of scientific advance and our ability to teach it effectively.

    We should get together one day and make a podcast together or something 😀

  2. hugo101 says:

    Hi this is Hugo H.

    Brilliant blog Mr Wever, I have spent my evening reading your interesting and enjoyable blog.

    Great visuals and research of your information.

    Good luck for continuation of this blog.

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