Highest resolution printing

There is a limit to the resolution of an image that can be perceived. Researchers have now demonstrated a printing technique that operates at this limit. Any lower resolution will produce a blurred image as light refracts between the pixels forming the picture.

To print an image of the highest perceivable resolution, stacks of nano-scale materials are built up in three dimensions then capped with gold or silver to produce a full gamut of colours through structural colour. The image below has been produced with this technique: in reality, this image is less than the width of a typical human hair.

If you’re up for along read, the entire paper is available here.

Rover Software Updates

NASA says that a ‘brain transplant’ is necessary for the Curiosity rover before it can spool up to begin its research mission on the surface of Mars.

Subroutines used during the descent and landing of the rover and its ancillary parts are no longer needed, and the available memory on the rover is limited, so the onboard software needs to be updated to include instructions that will help it navigate its environment.

The process takes a couple of days; data transmission rates are slow and the rover isn’t in constant contact with its controllers on Earth.

(Image is a 3D render released by NASA.)

Download the Universe

Here’s a groovy new resource: Download the Universe is a site dedicated to reviewing the best of new eBooks in Science.

Download the Universe is a direct response to the changing publication landscape. In the words of the site’s founders:

It was clear that ebooks were becoming an extraordinary new medium, rivalling print books in the marketplace and offering opportunities that printed books could not. We saw great things in the future of science books. There was just one thing missing: a way for readers to find out about new ebooks about science. Book reviews were showing little interest; blogs offered scant, diffuse attention. We agreed that what was needed was a science ebook review. Here it is.

This is definitely one to bookmark or subscribe.

An overview of eLearning

Professional Learning Activity

The links below have been compiled with the intent to provide an overview of trends and opinions, as well as some hard advice and useful resources, across a spectrum of transformative effects in education as a result of the impact of technology.

Skim through and, with an idea of your own skill level and areas of interest, sample the least disruptive trends (like the replacement of paper texts with electronic ones), through the introduction of new T&L models (such as ‘flipping’) to wholesale re-imagining of the learning environment where all communication is mediated by communication technologies. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2010

Just what it says up there.


More awesome Ares rocket photos

Just a quick one to share the Big Picture photo spread covering the build-up to the Ares test launch  last week.

Click here.


Ares launch video. In hi-res, no less!

Once again Gizmodo has given me an excuse to enjoyably waste a few more minutes watching a cool video. This time it is the recent test launch of the  Ares 1-X rocket – the biggest since the Saturn rockets that sent us to the Moon.


Check out the video here.

Pic from AP.